Welcome to Hook Island, and enjoy your stay!

Hook Island (Krokholmen in the native tongue) is a small islet, located in the Stockholm Archipelago. On its bleak cliffs, in a simple house by the water’s edge, a miniatures addict has taken refuge.

Here, no one can hear him paint. Luckily, he does manage to go into town once in a while, in order to gather supplies, stack up on paints and new models, and get a few games in at the club.

On one of these expeditions, he hears about this thing called “The Internet”, and lo! Suddenly a new wargaming weblog emerges from the murky depths of the Baltic Sea!


Naturally, this blog will be all about wargaming and gaming with miniatures, with the odd splash of strategic boardgames thrown in for good measure.

Since I mostly play historical games, I’ll mainly focus on that side of the hobby, but other genres will make infrequent appearances as well.

Recurring features will be painting and modelling projects, after action reports, reviews and tutorials.

I hope you’ll find something of interest!



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