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Project log: War of the Ring


A while ago, I promised my mate Johan that I’d paint his War of the Ring models for him. I did this partly because I’m a philantropist at heart of course, but the main reason was actually egoistic in nature: I’d just really like to play this completely awesome game with painted models.

800x600_war-of-the-ring_wotr001-boardAs a Tolkien fan, wargamer, boardgamer and miniatures painter, there’s really nothing I don’t like about WotR. It’s a very long game to be sure, but when you actually manage to get it on the table it becomes obvious that it really lacks equals when it comes to combining scale, strategic gameplay, and theme. Also, it has nothing to do with the movies – the illustrations and general style are more inspired by classic Tolkien iconography, like the works of Ted Nasmith for example, than by Hollywood.


Not only is this is a physically massive game, it also comes with loads of quality components, including a whopping 205 plastic 20mm models – most of which are great quality sculpts for a boardgame.

After our first game I was of the firm opinion that it really would be a shame to let these little guys lie around naked and unpainted. Johan concurred, but since he doesn’t have too much spare time at the moment we decided that I would have a go at it instead. So I dug right in, and started with the Shadow Armies.


20151213_172231The armies of Mordor are of course the most numerous in the game, representing the endless hordes of Orcs and Trolls emerging both from the Dark Land itself but also from the Misty Mountans, Angmar and Gundabad.

20151213_17224620151213_172050Next up were the Easterlings – evil men from places like Harad, Rhûn, Khand and Umbar. Slightly less numerous than the Mordor armies perhaps, but just as intent on destroying the West and enslaving the Free Peoples.

And they don’t use horses or wolves or any other boring standard fare fauna. They don’t even use ordinary elephants, but War Oliphants. What’s not to like?


20151213_172005Then I went for the forces of Isengard, basically Uruk Hai and Warg Riders. These sculpts are a bit less characterful compared to the rest of the Shadow armies, but they do the job.

20151213_172021And lastly, the Nazgûl. What would Sauron’s host be without them?

20151213_173318Now the Shadow is ready to devour all of Middle Earth! All he needs is some pansies and do-gooders to kill first.

So next in line will be the Free Peoples – Gondor, Rohan, Dúnedain, Dwarves and Elves – and of course all the individual characters from both sides (Gandalf, Aragorn, Saruman, and many more). In other words: lots of stuff left, but I can’t wait to get this game on the table again with painted models so hopefully it wont take too long!











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