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Workshop: Multi-scale terrain

A wheat field, or some withering turnips?  It’s all a matter of perspective.

Terrain building on a shoestring is something most wargamers tend to dabble in from time to time, since buying everything ready made will inevitably be rather expensive in the long run. And besides, building your own stuff can be both easy and fun.

Personally, I tend to make most of my terrain multi-scale these days; I want it to work just as well for my 6mm armies as for the 28mm stuff. Take this wheat field/kitchen garden for example. I made it out of cardboard and play sand, plus some spare flocking mats I had lying around.

I started by cutting out a rectangular piece of cardboard with round edges, making up a base.
Then I cut five strips of cardboard and glued them onto the base, using  PVA glue.
An extra layer of PVA (diluted with water) makes the strips stick better.
Then I drenched the whole thing with play sand and some more diluted PVA.
I let it dry completely…
…then sprayed it black.
When the paint had dried, I drybrushed the whole thing with Vallejo Filthy Brown
…and finished off with a dose of Vallejo Sepia Shade, for that muddy look.
Then I glued some “dead grass” flocking material between the ridges. This was the most fiddly part of the whole thing.
The end result, with some extra grass and flock added for effect.

Next up on the workshop assembly line: homemade rocks!


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