28mm · 6mm · DIY · Terrain

Workshop: Multi-scale terrain, part II

Tree bark – one of Mother Nature’s awesome gifts to wargamers

Terrain is something you’ll always need plenty of, so preferably it should look good without costing you a fortune.

As I personally enjoy playing on tables that look at least somewhat realistic, I try to build terrain that is cheap and easy to make, but still provides a bit nicer results than the standard “polystyrene hill” approach.

Here’s were nature comes in. It’s a great resource for terrain making – not that strange when you think about it, since what we’re trying to achieve here is a “natural” look, albeit stylized and adapted for gaming purposes.

So when making rocks and rocky hills I always use tree bark collected from the forest outside my house. It’s free, it’s totally natural and there’s plenty of it. This time I made terrain suitable for any scale, but I use the same technique for rocks on bases, for example.

I began by spraying the bark pieces black.
Then I drybrushed them grey, taking care not to overdo it – it’s the layer effect I’m after.
I glued play sand to some areas, using diluted PVA glue…
…and let it dry completely.
Then for a dose of Vallejo Sepia Shade, mostly on the sand but also here and there on the “rock”.
I let it dry completely…
…and then drybrushed it with Vallejo Filthy Brown.
Some flock, grass and water effect (optional, but nice), and it’s ready to go. Just as good for micro Greeks taking a stroll…
…as for 28mm Poles making a brave last stand.

Next up from the workshop: muddy roads for any scale!


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