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Project log: Really small buildings



I’ve been on the lookout for some nice 6mm buildings for my Greek project for some time now. There are several manufacturers to chose from, but in the end I bought three pieces from Total Battle Miniatures.

These are actually not labeled as ancient, nor Greek – they’re part of TBM’s Spanish/Italian range. But since they’re rather similar to how buildings tended to look in ancient Greece, I got them anyway.


A house with thatched stables, perfect for both rural and urban settings

I was pleasantly surprised, both by the speedy delivery and by the quality of these products. They’re all beautiful sculpts, cast in resin and with crisp, clear details.


workshop –  like the above piece, it’s just as fitting on the countryside as in the city

They’re also full of character, with just enough detail to suit the scale and lovingly crafted little things that just adds to the look and feel – take that cartwheel for example.


single story farm, complete with hedges and a yard

The casting is flawless and no cleanup was required. All three pieces were a joy to paint as well, and I finished them in about an evening. I didn’t even bother to put any flock on, because I felt that would make them look a bit “overdone” – as I said, they already have just enough detail for their size.

20160111_143947All in all, I’m very pleased with this purchase and will definitely be getting more stuff from TBM for my 6mm ancients games. Too bad they don’t produce any temples or such (surely, any Greek setting needs some temples), but I’m sure those can be found somewhere else.

I’ll also need to get some civilians and livestock to make the scenery come alive – I’ll probably go to Baccus for that.

This 6mm thing is rapidly becoming one of my favorite projects and I’m really looking forward to expand my collections and build even more massive battlefields. After all, that’s what this scale is all about!



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