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Project Log: Frostgrave Necromancer Warband

As per usual these days, I’ve been fairly busy lately. But weirdly enough the odd project has still managed to sneak off the painting table – most recently a Frostgrave Warband. Now I’ve only played this game once, but I had so much fun that I just had to build me a dedicated bunch of fantasy adventurers.

Being the grim fellow that I am, I couldn’t resist turning to the Dark Side; my future exploits in the Frozen City will be seen through the squinting eyes of Heribus West, Necromancer!

Here he is, caught in the unholy act of reanimating a bunch of corpses. And by his side is of course his trusty sidekick/apprentice Igor the Imp, who is charged with the important task of carrying Mr. West’s grimoire.

Both models are from Scibor Monstrous Miniatures, and I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.

But a couple of wizards can’t do much by themselves in this harsh environment. So the wise Mr. West has assembled a retinue of tough men, led by this stern-looking gentleman  who I’ll probably run as a Paladin.

This is a Forge World model, from their sadly discontinued Empire range. With a touch of black and crimson, he actually turned out rather evil-looking.

Another FW model: originally a Flagellant, who I’ll run as a Barbarian.

The details on these resin models are really amazing, and a joy to paint.

Then for some cannon fod… I mean infantry. Just some regular evil blokes from across the street, lured into the deadly ruins by the Necromancer’s dark charisma and promises of gold. These are kitbashed from GW Flagellants, Scibor heads and some old GW Skaven stuff from my bitzbox.

Of course, no Frostgrave warband is complete without a Thief –  someone willing togo virtually unarmed into the battlefield hotspots and then escape with the loot that everyone else wants. This fine man looks just intelligent enough to pull off those kind of stunts. The model is a straight-up GW Flagellant.

During my introductory game I discovered that ranged weapons are a vital key to success in Frostgrave. So naturally, Mr. West included a Crossbowman (GW Flagellant model with crossbow from Fireforge) in his entourage. This particular guy came very cheap, since he just happens to lack eyes. But he does claim to have an acute sense of hearing – it remains to be seen (!) whether he can actually hit something or not. Otherwise he’ll always be a nice corpse to reanimate .

And here’s a group shot of the merry Fellowship as they’re getting ready for action. I’m really aching to get some Frostgrave games going soon, so stay tuned for some AARs of how the Heribus West Gang fares on the table!

13 thoughts on “Project Log: Frostgrave Necromancer Warband

    1. Yes, we don’t like upstarts and there is pre-emptive revenge to consider (i.e. kill them before they have a chance to hurt you and thereby making ordinary revenge unnessesary)


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