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First impressions: Cuba Libre

I’ve not been particularly busy on the miniatures side of things lately – since my spare time is still very limited nowadays, I’ve just not been able to get any serious painting done. And it’s weird, but when I’m not painting I find it hard to muster any great enthusiasm for putting minis on the… Continue reading First impressions: Cuba Libre

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Just played… Hail Caesar

Just after I’d finished my latest batch of Persians, Johan came over to my house for some ancients action. We used the Hail Caesar rules, and pitched the freshly raised Persians against my Greek veterans in an imaginary battle during the Greco-Persian Wars. Not only was it satisfying to bring my new 6mm lads to… Continue reading Just played… Hail Caesar

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Project log: Really Small Persians, part II

I’ve finally managed to get some more Persians off the painting table, which is a relief. Together with my previous batch, these wee lads will provide me with a decent-sized contingent for use in smaller battles against my Greeks. I still have a long way to go before I’ve got a “complete” Persian army, but… Continue reading Project log: Really Small Persians, part II

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Just played… To the Strongest!

A couple of weeks back, me, Ulf and Andy met up for a game of To the Strongest! This was the first game of a new campaign of ours (however, all credit goes to Ulf for designing the campaign mechanics), inspired by the Byzantine-Bulgarian wars and played out on our brand spanking new TtS! gaming… Continue reading Just played… To the Strongest!

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Just played… Liber Militum Tercios

Me, Ulf and Andy met up at club the other day for a game of Liber Militum Tercios. This game, which I must admit has slipped under my radar completely up until Andy pitched it at club recently, looks to be a rather interesting take on the Thirty Years War. It is produced by a… Continue reading Just played… Liber Militum Tercios

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Project Log: Frostgrave Necromancer Warband

As per usual these days, I’ve been fairly busy lately. But weirdly enough the odd project has still managed to sneak off the painting table – most recently a Frostgrave Warband. Now I’ve only played this game once, but I had so much fun that I just had to build me a dedicated bunch of… Continue reading Project Log: Frostgrave Necromancer Warband