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Project log: Really small Persians

As the domestic dust slowly settles after my second child’s arrival a couple of months ago,  I’m finally getting into old habits when it comes to painting and modelling. A relief, no doubt – especially since I’m way behind schedule on some of my major projects. The most major of these undertakings is undeniably the… Continue reading Project log: Really small Persians

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Just played… To the Strongest!

A couple of days ago Johan came over to my house for a few beers and a game of To the Strongest! I had recently finished a couple of additions to my 6mm Greek army that I was keen on getting to the table, so we played a Peloponnesian War scenario: the battle of Stratus in… Continue reading Just played… To the Strongest!

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Just played… To the Strongest!

Me and Ulf met up at club the other day for a game of To the Strongest! Our last game was very enjoyable, but some question marks remained, mainly regarding shooting and ranged combat. Consequently, we both shared a desire to try out this aspect of the game in earnest. So, this time we went “all… Continue reading Just played… To the Strongest!

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Just played… Frostgrave

I recently managed to sneak away from home and have a game of Frostgrave with clubmate Jocke. I had really been looking forward to this; the game has been on my “must play” list ever since it was released just over a year ago, but other projects have kept piling up and I’ve constantly postponed getting a dedicated warband… Continue reading Just played… Frostgrave

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First impressions: Altar of Freedom

Updates around here are far and few between these days, as I’m still a bit occupied on the domestic/wage earning front and don’t really have time for important stuff like playing with toy soldiers. But this doesn’t mean that my thoughts ever stray very far from future glory on minuscule battlefields. Quite the contrary in fact – the… Continue reading First impressions: Altar of Freedom

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Just played… The Pikeman’s Lament

The autumn of 1625 was a long one in Livonia – at least if our Pikeman’s Lament campaign is anything to go by. The first snowfall hasn’t even arrived yet, but the Polish-Swedish conflict is already at its sixth installment as the seemingly tireless combatants continue to fight it out. After their recent glorious victory, the Poles have decided that… Continue reading Just played… The Pikeman’s Lament