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Project log: Really small civilians

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/34/Women_fountain_Met_06.1021.77.jpgSince the latest recruit to my family ranks arrived, I’ve obviously been a bit occupied with non-hobby related things. But I’ve still managed to sneak in a bit of nerdiness here and there, in spite of an overall focus on combining full time work with diaper changing, sleepless nights and the general joy and exhaustion that an infant baby brings to a household.

And since I’m currently heavily into the domestic side of things, why not get some work done on my Baccus 6mm civilians? All those Hoplites (not to mention the upcoming Persians) need something to ravage, after all – and besides, I’ve always enjoyed building terrain and “setting the scene” on the tabletop.

20160224_153759So here we are in rural Greece, some time in the fifth century BC. This sleepy little hamlet is a peaceful oasis in these violent times; wheat fields swaying in a gentle breeze, the nearby river tranquilly rippling in the background, sheep braying in the distance…

20160224_153645…a couple of slaves carrying heavy loads of goods into town, sweating in the burning sun and cursing in Barbarian. The epitome of quiet rural life, indeed!

20160224_15373020160224_15301220160224_153003And while slaves perform the heavy work the citizens are mainly standing around, chatting about everyday affairs – discussing the price of sheep and wheat perhaps, or the ongoing Peloponnesian invasion and the plague that is currently devastating Athens.

20160224_152920No sign of such horrors there, though. The oxen are safely tucked away in their pen…

20160224_153243…while the sheep graze freely by the river, tended by fair shepherdesses and young children (one can almost hear Beethoven‘s 6th symphony in the background, right?).

20160224_153047And now the the cattle can be seen coming down to the river to drink before crossing the ford, seeking the safer pastures close to town as the sun slowly sets behind the Cithaeron mountains.

20160224_152853In other words: another day in the life of the ordinary, countryside citizen. One could almost believe that there’s no war going on here. But I’m having great fun regardless; perhaps I should just switch from wargaming to model railways and be done with it?




6 thoughts on “Project log: Really small civilians

  1. Great job on the civilians. I would rather you stay with the miniature wargaming than doing railroad building. I have the Sword and Spear rules now. They are very good. I use to play DBA a long time ago but I like the activation in Sword and Spear. I have ordered some 6mm Vikings from Baccus and I hope to put together a force to do a little Viking VS Viking campaign including ship combat. We will see how it goes. Congratulations on the addition to the family!
    Take care!


  2. Thanks a lot Mark!

    You’re probably right – unless I can mount machine guns or bolt throwers on the model trains, or blow up stations and other infrastructure, I think I’m better off sticking to wargaming. 🙂

    Just let me know if you want to play some Sword & Spear – I’ve had a few games now and feel pretty comfortable with it.

    Also: if you like S&S you’ll probably enjoy To the Strongest! as well, as it’s based on the same “fast play” mindset and features a similarly fluid activation system.

    Great to hear about the 6mm vikings btw, sounds like an awesome project! 🙂


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